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The Silence between the Noise

A practical guide to establishing mindfulness in everyday life.

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Do you find yourself
stressed, anxious or
unable to relax?

Do you want to let worries
go but don’t know how?

Interactive eBook series, Silence Between the Noise, will teach you how to establish mindfulness in your day-to-day life. Learn practical techniques of mindfulness that will allow you to let go, regain calmness and experience fulfilment in the moment, regardless of life’s inevitable ups and downs.


Simple Guidance

Clear and simple guidance on how to meditate, from learning the basic fundamentals through to applying mindfulness in all areas of life.


Videos, step-by-step images and embedded audio clips guide you through meditation routines, mindfulness enhancers and tailor-made exercises for the busy modern world.


Advice, insightful anecdotes and common questions answered by an experienced teacher and meditator.


Further resources and downloads help you stay motivated, make the practices your own and integrate mindfulness into your routine.

About The Author

Paul Meek

Paul Meek

Paul Meek has been practising mindfulness since 1997 after a chance encounter on a train in India with a nun who studied under the Dalai Lama. After this encounter, Paul returned to England and learnt meditation under the head monk of the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon. Since then he has made meditation a key part of his life, waking early each morning to practise. However, even today he still approaches it with the “beginner’s mind”, treating each sitting as if it was the first. This has allowed his meditation to grow and blossom and given him the wisdom to be able to teach others. Paul spent twelve years teaching mindfulness to children, teenagers and adults at the Buddhapadipa Temple in London. He now runs courses on mindfulness for everyday life in Surrey, England, where he lives. Paul wrote The Silence Between the Noise to share his knowledge of mindfulness with others and to help others be well and happy by making mindfulness a part of their lives.


Book 1

In the first book you will learn the fundamentals of how to meditate, beginning with walking and sitting mindfully. Audio guides, step-by-step images and videos will guide you through the process, even if you’ve never done it before or have struggled to do so in the past. Two exercises for establishing mindfulness in daily life and two wellbeing enhancers supplement the core principles, allowing you to set up practices that can be applied to any situation or moment.